Choosing Your Cutter

How do you cut the wool into strips?

There are several different methods of cutting your wool into strips for hooking... some inexpensive, some not so cheap. But there's nothing wrong with working your way up the expense ladder.

I couldn't afford to buy a "cutting machine" to start with, so I used an Olfa rotary cutter. It worked great and I still cut strips that way, if I only need a few. The downside to using a rotary cutter, is that you can only cut one stip of wool at a time.

The cutting machine I mentioned above, isn't a machine at all... it's a hand-operated mechanical cutter. The mechanical cutters let you cut up to 4 strips of wool at a time... exactly the same width.

There are several manufacturers (Bliss, Fraser and Rigby) and several models to choose from. Some clamp to a tabletop, some use suction cups to hold it in place. But, all of the models have various sized blades that allow you to cut narrow (1/8") to wide (1/4") strips.

If you intend to do rug hooking as a long-term hobby, then buying a good cutter is one investment that you'll want to make as quickly as possible. If you watch eBay... they sometimes appear on there and you might be able to get a used one.

All of the cutters can be purchased with your choice of standard cutter width blade. The blades are numbered from #3 which is 3/32" wide to the widest #8 which is 1/4" (8/32) wide. The #4 cutter, cuts 1/8" (4/32) wide and is the standard blade on a cutter... unless you specify otherwise.

You can purchase extra blades for the different widths strips that you want to cut. And they are fairly easy to change.

The Olfa Cutter

The Fraser

The Rigby

The Bliss