A Short History of Rug Hooking

Its been around for years... well actually centuries. Historians (probably rug hookers in disguise) have debated exactly how far back it can be traced. Some say that, between the third and seventh centuries, descendants of the ancient Egyptians made the first hand-hooked rugs. Others say that it originated in China or Europe.

The important thing is that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE, SOMETIME, figured it out! And as a result it came to America and is considered by many to be one of North America’s native folk art forms.

It started showing up in New England and the Canadian Maritime provinces in the mid 1800's. It was only natural that if they couldn't afford to buy the rugs shipped in from Europe, Colonial women would find other means to make their new homes comfortable. Using rags to make hand-hooked rugs was the answer. After all, who wants bare floors when there's an alternative.

The base of the rug was made from the burlap sacks that the livestock feed came in, and the fabric was any kind of cloth too old for wearing or making into quilts. The rag rugs were quick to make and it helped pass the time during the hard cold winters when there wasn't much going on outdoors.

By the 1940’s, rug hooking had become a well-established hobby in the United States and Canada. Its popularity continues to grow even today.

Why don't you consider joining us... you might like being a "hooker"!