Show Me How To Hook

How To Actually Hook Your Project

Holding the hook...

If you're right handed, hold the hook in your right hand. If you're a "leftie", like me, hold the hook with your left hand.

Make sure that your burlap (or whatever backing you're using) is stretched tightly over your frame.

First, we want to get the end of the string of wool pulled up through thru the backing.

Push your hook down between two of the threads of the burlap.



Looking underneath the backing... you should be holding the wool strip between your thumb and your index finger.

Twisting your wrist just a little, let your hook come up under the wool strip and pick it up.

NOTE: Bring the strip back to the top of your burlap thru the SAME HOLE that your hook went down thru.

Your loop on top should be about 1/4 inch high.

Skip 2 threads and put your hook back down thru the burlap.

And repeat the process of catching the wool with your hook and pulling it gently back thru the hole to the top.

Bring the strip back to the top of your burlap making another loop 1/4 inch high.

Use your hook to make the loop heights all uniform.

Keep repeating the process until you get to the end of your strip of wool. When you bring the loop to the top with your hook, pull the balance of the wool strip thru to the top also.

You will have 2 "ends" sticking up, with loops between them. Clip both ends off level with your 1/4 inch high loops.