How Much Wool Do I Need?

So, how much wool do I need?

The absolute worst thing you can do is to start a project and run out of wool before you get finished.

I'm not talking about just completely running out of wool... I doubt that will EVER happen. But, I am talking about running out of a particular color or shade before you get finished with your flower, sky, cloud, leaf, or whatever.

So, how DO you determine how much you will need?

There are several "ideas" on how much it takes... but they all use calculations BEFORE the wool is stripped. My problem is that I have tons of wool that's already stripped! So, I've had to come up with my own "formula".

On average... it takes 5 times as much wool as the area you are hooking.

For example: If your project is 10" wide and 10" tall, you would need to cover an area that is 100 square inches. Now multiply the 100 sq. inches times 5 and you would need a total of about 500 sq. inches of wool.

But remember... that's for the entire project. You will need to dothe same calculations to determine how much of each COLOR you need.

If your wool is already stripped... what do you do?

Here's MY formula...

I hooked several 2 inch squares of #8 (1/4") wool. (That would be an area of 4 sq. inches.) I used 81" of wool to hook that 4 sq. in. area.

Using that information, I decided that if I had 20" of #8 wool for every sq. inch of hooked area, that I would have plenty. 

I'm sure that some folks may disagree... and I realize that it depends on how "tight" you hook, but calculating this way, has always worked for me.